On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and Supporting Our Troops

December 28th, 2010 | Posted by Michael Strom in Papers - (Comments Off)

Any alleged act of inclusion that pits those oppressed at home against those oppressed abroad and defines power in terms of exploitation and violence is fundamentally at odds with the struggle for a truly free society. Where physical and emotional violence, bullying, suicide, homelessness, mental illness, housing and employment discrimination, police harassment and brutality, and countless other injustices threaten queer people all over our nation, we cannot accept a militarized, superficial version of “justice.” We don’t have time for that. Read more

Some Thoughts on the Response to the Assange Case

December 22nd, 2010 | Posted by Angi Becker Stevens in Papers - (Comments Off)

But I believe what we need is to approach this situation with a holistic analysis and recognize that this does not have to be a case of either/or; that it is possible—and, I would argue, necessary—to stand in solidarity with the WikiLeaks project while at the same time refusing to perpetuate a patriarchal rape culture. Read more

A truly liberated sexuality is one in which all aspects of our sexual identities—from our gender expression to our specific nuanced fetishes and desires, from our sexual orientation to our choice of which (if any) sexual acts we wish to engage in—are a result of active consent, not a result of passive submission to the coercive structures of society. Read more