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For the majority of us seeking degrees, higher education is indeed dying a slow and painful death. Too little considered, however, is the role we as students are playing in its demise. The combination of tuition hikes, a lack of democratic governance in our schools, ballooning student debt, and the intimate relationship between our financial institutions and our academic ones are certainly killing higher education – but what is killing the student movement is our own complacency with these policies. Read more


Spring is here, and we are back. Read more

“The zero tolerance policy and aggressive demeanor of guards seemed totally out of proportion to the events occurring on campus.” Read more


La Universidad Libre se pensó como un espacio libre de limitantes económicos o académicos y libre de la agenda neoliberal que busca convertir la educación en mercancía, las universidades en centros comerciales y los estudiantes, con sus miles de dólares en deudas, en esclavos del complejo financiero-educativo. Read more