“They” as a form of queer identity is relatively recent, but no less contested. We need to get the facts straight, because by the time we get to arguing over whether or not “they” is politically correct, we should be well over the fact that, yes, it does work as proper grammar Read more

Anti-war protest in Tel Aviv, November 17, 2012. (WNV/A. Daniel Roth)

I am not suggesting that this or anything else makes shooting at, hiding behind, injuring or killing civilians acceptable. I don’t think anything could. It’s true that living under rocket fire is terrifying, and so is the daily experience of occupation and the denial of basic rights that Palestinians have endured for decades. Both can be deadly, too. Read more

Attendants of the Do The Math session in New York pledge to march to Exxon's corporate office. (Credit:

Looking around the room in awe, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly disappointed that 80-90% of the attendees in the room were white, middle-class people — not the people most affected by climate change. This underscored for me how absolutely critical it is to “connect the dots” between global poverty, climate change and institutional racism. Read more

Rockaway Park residents in front of YANA Community Center. (Facebook/Occupy Sandy Relief NYC)

Welcome to the climate crisis. There’s nothing abstract about it. It isn’t some apocalypse decades away or an event that comes down like one big hurricane to wipe us all out. It’s Hurricane Sandy. It’s all the economic, political and social conditions that were already in place. And it’s the opportunity for forces of profit and repression to push their agenda forward in the aftermath. Read more

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We are supposed to ignore the needs of those literally begging for help and go on as though they are not even there…but not if you’re a massive bank asking for a bailout. Then you can have billions without so much as fiscal oversight or accountability. Read more