Michigan right-to-work protest. Photo: MLive.

And as Right to Work laws push more people toward or below the poverty line, it becomes even more terrifying to consider what the future of abortion access will look like for women in Michigan. If this does not qualify as a class issue, then I’m not sure what does. Read more

Students at Our School at Blair Grocery tackle food injustice in the Lower Ninth Ward while earning their GEDs. (OSBGNOLA.org)

Occupy Sandy needs to be not just another form of relief, or even recovery, but a force for social change that simultaneously works on a comprehensive strategy for community power. It needs to build infrastructure around housing, healthcare, food and energy sustainability that also make life easier for those most affected by environmental racism on a day-to-day basis. While protest should always be a part of our long-term strategy, we believe that Occupy Sandy must, to some extent, continue moving the solely protest-driven model adopted by Occupy Wall Street to embody movement practices led by communities. Read more

Banner in Ramallah, West Bank, on November 29. (WNV/A. Daniel Roth)

While the prospects are dim, the Palestinians’ desire for self-determination runs deep. Israelis must come to learn that they won’t find any lasting safety in refusing it; real freedom for one people requires ensuring it for both peoples. Read more

Photo by Matt Sekellick

The clock tower of the Foundation Building of Cooper Union on 3rd Avenue and 7th Street in Manhattan stopped at 12:40 pm on December 3 signifying the start to the occupation of the Peter Cooper suite, a studio room behind the clock where twelve students barricaded themselves. Read more

Sign at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew on Clinton Ave. in Brooklyn (batmanwi.com/Jenna Pope)

we also have to take the fight to where the power we oppose takes shape, where the decisions get made, where the powerful live and work, where the crisis began. We’ve got to go back to the real scene of the crime: to City Hall, to the fossil fuel companies and, yes, to Wall Street. Read more