Organization for a Free Society (OFS) is a participatory socialist organization made up of activists and organizers immersed in different grassroots movements, struggling collectively toward a free society.

OFS is a home for revolutionaries working both to develop holistic politics, vision, and strategy and to strengthen the broader movement. We study together to deepen our politics, but OFS is not a study group. We hit the streets and organize together, but OFS is not a direct action affinity group, either. We are a united group of committed revolutionaries growing and struggling together, connecting theory and practice, and attempting to embody the seeds of the future in the present. We have political connections to movements in different parts of the world, but our organization is primarily based in the United States, and our analysis and strategy reflect our country and its role in the world.

OFS is committed to a fundamental transformation of the social, political, economic, and environmental values and institutions of society and we draw from a rich history of social movements that came before us.

Want to know more? Here’s “An Introduction.”